5 Voice Assistant Trends that are Changing the Retail Customer Experience

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Like a spatula or a roomba, voice assistants have become another common household item for many shoppers, like a spatula or a roomba. Consumers generally buy a voice assistant with the intent to control music or temperature but eventually use it for buying products. Slowly but surely, voice assistants are disrupting the way consumers are shopping.

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1. Meals on Command

Meal delivery in 2018 won’t exactly look like The Jetsons, where you push a button and plated food automatically pops out. But ordering meals has become a little bit easier with the help of home voice assistants. All you have to do is nicely (or not nicely) ask your assistant to order from your favorite local chinese restaurant and 20-40 minutes later, violà! Delivered food without having to touch a button.

2. Electronica

In a recent survey by Capgemini, 52% of respondents said they would buy electronics through a voice assistant. This isn’t exactly surprising as electronics are one of the most frequently purchased consumer goods online vs. in-store. There could be a trending correlation between items generally bought online and items purchased on a voice assistant. And the correlation is most likely linked to consumers preference to test certain products over others.

3. Mall of Voices

The Mall of America is becoming the leader in digital malls. On top of adding technology such as humanoid robots, Mall of America is adding voice assistants for shoppers with questions and full hands. Amazon’s Alexa will be peppered throughout the mall as part of an initiative to provide a 360 customer experience.

4. Amazon vs. Google

Amazon’s Echo Dot was one of the first voice assistants to make their way into consumers households. In an effort to compete, Google went full force on advertising their Google Home line this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They even offered additional discounts to shoppers if they ordered through a Google smart assistant device.

5. Calvin’s Support

Calvin Klein is jumping on the voice assistant bandwagon and it picked Amazon as it’s driver. Calvin Klein partnered with Amazon Fashion and featured Echo devices in pop-up shops during the 2017 holiday. They also implemented touchscreen-enabled Amazon Echo Shows in their lounge areas and fitting rooms so customers can ask Alexa questions about products or play music while trying on clothes.

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