4 Tips for a Successful 2019 Marketing Strategy

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As we watch 2018 fade into the distance, we must turn our focus to strategizing for the year ahead. A new year means new opportunities to engage your customers with an effective 2019 marketing strategy. So how can you find success in the new year? Read on to find out.

1. Add value to your advertising and build relationships

Brands that have the capability to survive during the Amazon era are the ones that emphasize the importance of building relationships with customers and catering to their needs.

30% of all internet users use ad blockers, which means your traditional banner and video ads will likely remain unseen to a large percentage of your target audience. Content marketing and referral programs are great alternative options because they not only provide high value to your consumers, but they also help foster relationships with your customers.

Instead of focusing on acquiring new customers, put your budget toward loyalty programs and promotions to increase your customer retention rate and grow your consumer base.


2. Lean into technology

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Technology should enhance your customer’s in-store experience and allow you to tailor it to each individual that walks through the door.

For example, brands have started using AR and AI in stores to create an unforgettable experience for their customers. At Covergirl’s flagship NYC store, shoppers will soon be greeted by virtual assistant Olivia and be able to “try on” makeup via AR mirrors.

Lowe’s Lowebot, another example of in-store smart technology, monitors inventory in real-time and roams stores alongside customers to help them locate specific products.

Alongside Lowe’s and Covergirl, 45% of retailers intend to invest in AI implementation in the future, but you know what they say– there’s no time like the present.


3. Optimize for search

Ensure that your web pages are fully optimized for search, both within your site and beyond, and it will reflect in your conversion rates and AOV.

Shoppers have shown us that displaying items tailored to their real-time needs results in higher customer loyalty and higher sales. Therefore, it’s important to arm your ecommerce site with predictive search based on past behavior and purchases. Shoppers who search already have a higher intent to purchase than the average shopper, so creating predictive search capabilities increases your chances of conversion even more.

Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Portal, and Siri are taking over households worldwide, and 50% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020. In order to lean into this technology shift, it’s imperative that your SEO is optimized for voice search. Do your product descriptions align with the language your customers might use when they talk to their smart speakers? Optimizing your ecommerce site for voice search is now just as important as basic keyword SEO, so make sure to do both in your 2019 marketing strategy.


4. Go all in on personalization

2018 was the year that personalization made a huge impact in the retail industry. Now, 53% of customers expect the offers they receive to always be personalized, and 62% expect companies to anticipate their needs. Additionally, 61% of millennial consumers are willing to give away personal data for personalized experiences and 58% for personalized recommendations.

To lean into this shift, retail giants like Nordstrom and Nike have brought personalization into their stores to create seamless experiences for customers. When their app is opened in-store, Nordstrom utilizes beacon technology to deliver personalized messages about potential products of interest. At Nike, Nike+ members have access to personal stylists and customizable products.

A successful 2019 marketing strategy must continue to emphasize the importance of personalization and cater directly to the needs of your customers. Luckily, 4-Tell is an all-in-one personalization solution that’s helping retail merchants pave a personalized path forward.

4-Tell’s personalization software ensures that your customer sees the right products at the right time and helps drive AOV, conversion, and product discovery. 4-Tell’s Your Store is the pinnacle of personalization and provides intelligent collaboration tools for your team.


Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Let 2019 be the year of an ultra-engaging marketing strategy.  Build relationships and truly connect with your customers. Lean into the abundance of technology available at your fingertips. Use predictive search on your website and optimize for smart speaker voice search. And, last but certainly not least, make your retail and ecommerce experiences as personalized as possible. The love you show your customers will be reflected in your sales.

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