Unifying Data – updated@2x

Unify data once and for all

Problem: A consistent customer experience relies on unified data. But when data is scattered across internal systems that are inaccessible to the rest of the organization, bringing data together in a way that is useful and always up-to-date seems next to impossible.

Solution: 4-Tell integrates data from all backend systems to stitch together 360 customer profiles and complete product catalogs that are packed with revenue-driving insights. To enable the most relevant experiences, our system updates in real-time to reflect customer’s immediate online behavior.

cognitive commerce

Actionable insights that drive revenue

Problem: You have data – too much of it. Never-ending excel sheets are full of rich customer information, but the data isn’t presented in a way that allows your call center, ecommerce or brick-and-mortar team to readily use the information as they interact with customers 1:1.

Solution: In addition to the 360 customer profiles, 4-Tell’s machine-learning engine surfaces customer insights at the granular and audience level that help your teams drive conversion with top performing customers.

Customer Journey

Optimize the customer journey

Problem: Customers expect on-demand interactions that are tailored to their real-time behavior. These experiences require machine-learning that can surface real-time behavior AND automatically execute learned insights across channels – a capability missing from your current tech stack.

Solution: 4-Tell is always-on. Driven by a sophisticated layer of machine-learning, 4-Tell delivers personalized results that change in real-time based on consumers’ immediate behavior. Surfacing the real-time behavior and learned insights to your teams through our platform, customers can always pick-up where they left off on any channel.

cognitive commerce

Drive cross-channel conversion

Problem: While technology can enable a more efficient experience, customers often need more to drive purchases and ultimately loyalty. Currently, sales teams don’t have the tools to collaborate digitally with customers once they’ve left the store, missing opportunities to consistently build loyalty and drive additional purchases across channels.

Solution: 4-Tell’s Your Store bridges the gap from the in-store to the online experience. Using our customer profiles that are packed with product recommendations, sales associate can create and publish product boards for your high-value customers – driving loyalty, AOV and conversion across channels.

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