Unify data once and for all

Problem: With every channel, comes a different system to house the data. While bringing data together is necessary to create a consistent customer experience, customer data is fragmented and scattered across systems that are inaccessible to the rest of the organization.

Solution: 4-Tell integrates data from all backend systems to stitch together 360 customer profiles, complete product catalogs and performance analytics. To support highly relevant experiences, our system updates in real-time to reflect customer’s immediate online behavior.

cognitive commerce

Actionable insights that drive revenue

Problem: You have data – too much of it. Endless excel sheets are full of rich customer information, but they’re not presented in a way that allows your call center, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar team to readily use the information to create consistent customer experiences.

Solution: In addition to the 360 customer profiles, 4-Tell’s machine-learning engine identifies and surfaces valuable customer insights at the granular and audience level that help your teams identify and drive conversion with your top performing customers.

cognitive commerce

Automatically drive conversion rates

Problem: You’re running out of ways to try and drive significant conversion online. Despite flashy promotions and ad campaigns, nothing is moving the needle.

Solution: From the second you turn us on, marketing teams can immediately experience lifts in conversion, Average-order-value and time on site. Better still, 4-Tell’s Your Store creates a highly unique, relevant and tailored experience that drives deeper loyalty with your customers – driving significant long-term revenue and securing a loyal customer base that will keep customers coming back for more.


Drive Customer Loyalty so you can stop wasting money on customer acquisition

Problem: With dwindling customer loyalty, you’re forced to allocate your slim budget to expensive customer acquisition campaigns with a decreasing ROI. It’s a never-ending cycle that’s continuing to get more expensive – and challenging – to maintain profitability.

Solution: Balancing our technology and your sales associates, 4-Tell’s omnichannel personalization infuses deep customer loyalty so marketers can stop throwing money down the funnel and start capitalizing on a loyal customer base.

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