cognitive commerce

Automatically drive conversion rates

Problem: You’re running out of ways to try and drive significant conversion online. Despite flashy promotions and ad campaigns, nothing is moving the needle.

Solution: From the second your turn us on, Ecomm Managers can immediately experience lifts in conversion, AOV and time on site. Better still, 4-Tell’s Your Store creates a highly relevant and tailored experience that drives deeper loyalty with your customers – driving significant long-term revenue and securing a loyal customer base that will keep customers coming back for more.


Fluid one-to-one experiences
across digital channels

Problem: Wrangling data to create personalized experiences that carry over as customers switch devices is next to impossible. Data is siloed by digital and physical channels, making it difficult to enable fluid experiences that build on consumers real-time behavior.

Solution: By unifying online and offline data, 4-Tell’s personalization is always holistic. As consumers switch between mobile and desktop environments, 4-Tell can identify known users and use their history, preferences and real-time behavior to continue building personalized experiences.


A differentiated, personalized experience that drives loyalty

Problem: Driving customer loyalty online seems like a losing game. Operating in an overcrowded ecommerce marketplace, it can be hard to create differentiated experiences online that meet the needs of consumers and drive brand affinity.

Solutions: 4-Tell’s Your Store is a completely differentiated experience not being offered by your competitors – we guarantee that. With a completely customized landing page for each unique customer, that can also include the input of sales associates, you can finally create an optimized, efficient and highly-personalized experience that drives deep customer loyalty online.

cognitive commerce

Automatic, full-stack
personalization solution

Problem: Let’s face it. You don’t have time for another widget. Your day is already consumed by managing ecommerce vendors or the widgets themselves. Adding another solution to the stack is only creating more of a headache.

Solution: From our Inline Search to Your Store – 4-Tell is a full-stack personalization solution that’s completely automated, enabling you to consolidate widgets and free up time in your day that may be spent manually personalizing the online experience or managing vendors.

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