Our Smart Commerce℠ Platform has been deployed on over

150 Magento (v1 & v2) ecommerce sites including…

Product Recommendations

Home page, product pages, category pages, shopping cart, email and even error pages – 4-Tell’s automatic and dynamic recommendations can live anywhere on your ecommerce store to drive AOV, conversion and product discovery.


Content Recommendations

As shoppers’ signal their unique preferences through their real-time online activity and purchase history, 4-Tell sifts through your entire content library to display the blogs that are most relevant – and personalized – to each customer.

Predictive Site Search

4-Tell’s Inline Search uses real-time behavior to auto-fill keywords and display personalized product and content recommendations to match customers’ search query, creating a more efficient search experience and improving discovery.


Intelligent Tray

4-Tell’s new Intelligent Tray surfaces AI-driven content recommendations based on the real-time engagement and browsing behavior of each individual website visitor. The Intelligent Tray recognizes past visitors and greets them accordingly. With each visit, relevant content is displayed automatically.

Magento Extension

4-Tell’s Magento Extension (for both v1 and v2) offers a seamless way to display personalization on your website. In addition, our Smart Commerce platform captures your ecommerce data, and uses machine learning to enable customer data platform (CDP) functionality with clientelling, merchandizing and marketing.


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