Content Recommendations

with 4-Tell’s Intelligent Tray


Recognize your Customers

4-Tell’s new Intelligent Tray surfaces AI-driven content recommendations based on the real-time engagement and browsing behavior of each individual website visitor. The Intelligent Tray recognizes past visitors and greets them accordingly. With each visit, relevant content is displayed automatically.

The Right Content at the Right Time

When content isn’t personalized, visitors become frustrated and tend to leave your site. Using content personalization, relevant content is available on every page of your website; no more frustrated visitors.

Converting Customers with Content

Content is imperative to providing relevant material that informs the buyer and pushes them to consider a purchase. Customers that engage in digital experiences convert faster and buy more.

Analytics and Reporting

With the Smart Commerce℠ Platform, your team can see which content pieces are trending. Available metrics include page views per visit and time spent on site for those who viewed content recommendations vs. those who did not.


The intelligent tray extends the life span of content by resurfacing older pieces when they’re relevant to visitors.

No more wasting money on content that will start collecting dust after a few days.

Are you ready to take your content to the next level?

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