Transactional Data

Transaction Data Management

Capturing a 360 view of your customers and products start here. 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform seamlessly integrates all first-party data from online and backend systems. Supported by a unified view of data, you can provide fluid experiences that allow the customer to pick up where they left off across any channel.

customer-centric experiences

Machine Learning

Uncover insights that drive revenue growth. 4-Tell’s machine learning algorithm exposes critical customer and product insights to build predictive recommendations for your customers. Access insights through our Smart Commerce℠ Platform and executed via the Your Store experience – your sales teams can always provide intelligent suggestions that drive conversion.

customer-centric experiences

Commerce CRM

We built our platform with your workforce in mind. 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform organizes our insights into customer profiles, product catalogs and segment analytics so every member of your workforce – from marketing to sales to merchandising – can execute personalized, impactful insights.


Personalization and Collaboration

Cultivate meaningful relationships and drive conversions by using 4-Tell’s insights to offer the personalized, 1:1 customer experience that your shoppers expect.

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