Personalization Maturity Model

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We’ve all seen the Gartner stat – By 2020, customer experience will be the main competitive differentiator among organizations. For businesses, this means that it has ever been more imperative to prioritize and innovative the customer experience through deeply personalized interactions.

On the surface, personalization may seem like a simple concept… however, deploying true personalization has proven to be anything but.

Combine the dizzying pace of tech innovation with internal misalignment that persists in the majority of organizations, and you have an overwhelmingly complex internal and external environment that makes it excruciatingly difficult – and slow – to harness the capabilities necessary to achieve true personalization.

In light of today’s hectic digital landscape, we created a personalization maturity model to provide businesses a clear and definitive path forward to securing true personalization. This graphic serves to define stages of personalization, so businesses can benchmark their current personalization initiatives and understand the capabilities that are necessary to obtain in order to grow into more sophisticated stages of personalization.

personalization maturity model

Did this get you thinking about your business’ current personalization efforts? We encourage you to read our full personalization maturity report! You can download the full report, here: Download me!

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