About Quarry Design Group

Design should make the world a better place.

Quarry is a US-based, fully distributed creative agency whose wheelhouse includes strategy, design, development, architecture, data engineering, and technical SEO.

Great work with great people.

We used to be clients, and in our experience, working with creative teams was less than ideal. We’ve fixed that.

We’re intentionally a small, lean team. We’ve stripped the agency model of every inefficiency that gets in the way of great work. This results in an agency that you want to work with. Our clients benefit from lower-than-standard rates, individualized service, honest billing, and a ferocious obsession with work quality. We treat all projects equally. No small fish in a large pond.

Endless progress.

Collectively, we possess a deep pool of proven experience. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds which combine to create a monolithic force of marketing and technology know-how.

Our combined strategic and tactical methods have enabled us to elevate the marketing efforts of organizations from Fortune-500 companies to Shark Tank alumni, owner-operator retailers, social influencers, local restaurants, and everything in between.

Let’s make an impact. Let’s do meaningful work. Let’s get started.


Content From Quarry

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