Add Personalized Recommendations to your Miva Store

With 4-Tell you can use the aggregate and individual shopping behavior of your customers to generate product recommendations that change with each click. Display personalized cross-sell, up-sell or best sellers in real-time to greatly increase the odds a customer will find what they are looking for. Our service can automatically connect to your product catalog and sales data, keeping the recommendations on your site up-to-date.

Set up is free for Miva stores. Our plugin makes connecting with your data and integrating personalization into your site easy.

We work with you to create a custom site plan. You control exactly where and how we integrate personalization into your store.

Use our powerful dashboard to fine-tune your personalization options. Add integrated A/B testing to maximize results.

Measure the impact 4-Tell personalization has on your business with Google Analytics.

Let’s get started! Contact our team at 503-746-9070 or

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