Echidna is committed to helping your Enterprise navigate the Journey to increased digital maturity, and ensuring the outcome you strive for. From looking holistically at everything involved in creating a successful multichannel growth plan to a partnership of specific capability expertise, Echidna realizes Digital Commerce is more than simply implementing a technology platform. To have continual success, Echidna is there to address all aspects of your company’s ability to manage and grow the online channel.

Strategic Consulting

Strategy planning is key to clarifying and communicating your vision for the future. It is a collaborative process that aligns leadership with tactical execution. Echidna’s goal is to help you recognize trends, identify market opportunities, define goals, execute tactics, measure progress, and continuously inform and improve your strategy. Echidna helps you plan and place guideposts to denote milestones that represent your progress and provide the opportunity to reassess the travels ahead.

User Research & Design

At its best, your CommerceEngine leverages past and present customer data, future trends, and user persona insights to provide seamless user experiences across all channels that derive revenue for your company. This means we go in to leverage current and create new Intelligent, Responsive, and Mobile First User Experiences (natively or headless). We set your business up to be at its best and walk with you every step of the way through your Digital Maturity.

Technology Development

At a high level, your CommerceEngine consists of solid Technology Stack, Process Effectiveness, and Good People. After solidifying your base, we work to the core of the Engine ensuring a tightly integrated Cart, Catalog, and Order Management Functionality with Personalization, residing in the Cloud, built from the ground up via API First Architecture with an ability to provide frictionless integrations to the rest of your Enterprise Systems.

Marketing Analytics & Innovation Lab

Clean and correct data is the lifeblood to a strong Marketing strategy. Echidna’s process starts by collecting all your data sources and organizing them to create a solid strategy for your Enterprise. A consistent strategy and diligent execution helps drive results and dramatically improve engagement and ROI. Echidna has experts in SEO optimization, pay per click management, and social media management to help take your marketing to the next level.

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