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Based in Milwaukee since 1998, the Brilliance Business Solutions team has been united by our hard work in carrying out our mission. Brilliance enables clients to expand their sales while minimizing their costs. With a long history in areas such as B2B, manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, content, marketing.  

Whether implementing web-based stores for replacement parts, portals for sales reps to check pricing and inventory, or eCommerce sites integrated with back-office systems, Brilliance provides tools that allow businesses to compete on a global scale. 

At Brilliance, we have developed and proven our process through years of experience working with clients on complex digital commerce projects. We are committed, not just to developing digital commerce solutions, but to getting results for our clients! 

Content from Brilliance Business Solutions

ROI Worksheet

Return on Investment Worksheet

eCommerce can transform the future of your business. We’ve seen it work for our clients, but what could it look like for your business? Access our ROI Calculator and see for yourself!

B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

We’ve developed eCommerce solutions on multiple platforms, and can show you how to choose the one that’s best for you. Access our video training.

B2B eCommerce Planning Guide

Whether you are building a B2B eCommerce site from scratch or upgrading a current one, we hope this guide will save you time and assist you with questions we have seen trip others up.

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