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We’re very excited to announce our newest member of the 4-Tell partner program, The Good. The Good is a conversion rate optimization firm helping ecommerce companies realize their full potential and convert more of their website visitors into buyers

The Good’s President & Founder, Jon MacDonald, shares his insights on the topics of conversion rate optimization, user experience (UX), personalization, and the future of the ecommerce industry in 2019.

1. When it comes to conversion rate optimization what are the most common pain points you run into when working with clients?

Not using data to make informed decisions. Tracking every click and movement that site visitors take (in an aggregate manner, to avoid privacy concerns) and using that data to inform where the weak points are in a conversion funnel is the first step. Yet, most brands are relying on only site analytics when the possibilities are so much greater.

2. When conducting a Comprehensive Ecommerce Conversion Audit, what are you looking to learn?

The Good’s audit process has a few goals: ensure the proper data tracking is set up so baselines can be formed and progress can be tracked, understand the visitor’s point of view and challenges through user testing, forming a list of immediate fixes that should be implemented on the site to overcome obvious conversion challenges, and finally to form a full A/B testing plan and roadmap to help use data – the actual actions of the site’s visitors – to determine what additional improvements should be made.

3. How do you communicate the value of a good user experience (UX) when talking to new or potential customers?

Conversion optimization is trackable. It is based on real data from site visitors – and every decision is based on data – leading to a greater understanding of how a positive UX impacts the bottom line. That speaks well to both internal leadership and external customers.

4. What significance does personalization have on UX and overall conversion rate?

Personalization can have a significant impact on UX and conversion rates. The key is to ensure that the rest of the site’s conversion funnel or path to purchase has been optimized. Otherwise, effort spent on personalization won’t be as effective, if at all.

5. What type of trends did you witness in 2018 around conversion rate and US for your ecommerce customers?

Personalization became more common, but we also see the majority of brands trying to do personalization before their site is properly optimized. This decreases the benefits of personalization and initially places the focus on the wrong area. Brands who are most successful with personalization have first optimized their site for conversion and UX, based on the data of their site’s visitors.

6. Do you have any prediction for the future of ecommerce industry best practices in 2019?

As margins continue to become thinner for ecommerce due to a number of economic factors, I anticipate brands will continue to want to see higher ROI from their ad spend – increasing the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Conversion optimization is the most straightforward and effective path to doing so.

For more information on The Good’s conversion rate optimization, please visit

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