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We’re excited to announce Echidna will be joining our growing list of partners. Echidna is a leading digital systems agency led by experienced commerce professionals focused on helping enterprises evolve their Digital Commerce journey and maturity.

Echidna’s Director of Marketing, Kali Kasprzyk, gives us her input on the quest for digital maturity, creating great ecommerce experiences, where UX is going in 2019, and more!


1. When Echidna starts work with a new client, what are the common pain points you find holding them back from digital maturity?

It really depends on where the client is at in their digital maturity. A brand may be at the start of its digital journey; needing guidance in formulating strategic directives, discussing channel conflicts, or defining ways to augment their business operations with technology. Or we have brands come to us further along on the path to digital maturity and their pain points might include creating innovative and engaging mobile experiences for customers, exploring marketplace sales channels, or discovering how artificial intelligence can assist their efforts. Our Digital Journey Maturity Report also offers insight into common hurdles and pain points we see across organizations.


2. In today’s digital commerce landscape, we are seeing a large shift of focus from products to the user experience – how is Echidna helping businesses create great digital experiences for their customers?

We believe the user experience you create is the greatest competitive differentiator in the digital age for your customers. We help businesses look holistically at everything involved with creating a successful multi-channel experience for their customers by reviewing the six pillars of user experience; information architecture, channel integration, user engagement, user research and usability, interactive usability and design. Ultimately, experiences should be personalized to meet the needs of the buyer, seller, company channel and all the various support roles involved in the buying cycle. This can sound complex, but done successfully by utilizing customer data and partnering with the right team of experts you can break down barriers, align your internal teams, and continually create new customer-centric experiences that keep them coming back.


3. Can you explain to the 4-Tell readers how Echidna is continuously innovating using its principal-led engagement model?

In today’s digital economy, change is constant which is something the principal-led engagement model we follow at Echidna recognizes. Knowing from experience that you can not just walk away from your existing business operations and “digitally transform”, we help our clients continuously optimize and mature their processes to allow their business pillar to remain innovative and providing strategic direction. Our future-readiness planning helps clients maximize their current foundation and build upon it.


4. How important is it for B2B businesses to adopt new technology in 2019? How is Echidna helping them make these changes?

Choosing the right technology is a key piece of digital maturity. First, we help clients realize the business the technology will empower. We need to study how the organization operates and how their customers engage with them. It is only by understanding the people and processes that propel the businesses forward that we can know the right technologies to empower their success.


5. If you had to narrow it down to 3 things, what must businesses do to reach digital maturity?

Being able to chart a course for tactical execution, mitigate the risk of channel conflict, and understand emerging trends in all six pillars (pillars are business, operations, user experience, merchandising, technology and marketing) of your company is the groundwork to digitally mature and a competitive advantage.


6. If you had to guess, how will the user experience change within the next 5 Years?

If you were to ask that in 2014, I would never have guessed the amount of channels a customer can touch in 2019 before making a final purchase and how creating a seamless experience across all brand channels is imperative. I can only see this growing, as well as interactive usability to differentiate brands and harnessing the power of data to create uber-personalized multi-channel experiences.


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