Lukie Games Saves Time While Increasing Conversion

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The Challenge

Since 2005, Lukie Games has sold new and used video games, systems and equipment online for brands like NES, SNES, N64, Sega, Playstation and Gameboy. The company started as a side-project for cofounders Jesse and Sara Cover, who began selling Nintendo games on Ebay, and exploded into a gaming retail store that sells more than 45,000 games monthly to a customer base of more than 250,000 shoppers. Today, they are the #1 online merchant for classic video games in the world.

When Lukie Games wanted to expand their business beyond their eBay store to an ecommerce site, they knew they needed to have complete control over the customer interactions in order to offer a positive shopping experience to their gamers. Initially, they tried to do product recommendations manually. However, their product catalog started at 10,000 items and then quickly grew to 16,000 items with no end in sight. There was no way a manual process could catch up and offered no way of tracking data from the thousands of customer that visited their site daily. They needed a solution that automatically generated recommendations and that had infinite scalability.


We implemented 4-Tell Recommendations for web, saving us time over the manual processes we had been using. Beyond just automating, the recommendations were truly personalized for each shopper, something our manual system couldn’t – and wouldn’t – ever be able to do.”

-Jesse Cover,


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The Opportunity & Solution

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform offers Lukie Games an enterprise personalization solution that uses machine-learning and real-time behavior to introduce the right product to every unique shopper while also giving them the opportunity to learn more about their customers through revenue-driving insights – ultimately, increasing product discovery, conversion, and sales.

Using a machine-learning algorithm to drive our product recommendations, 4-Tell’s technology sifts through Lukie Games vast catalog to display the products are attuned to the real-time behavior, history and preferences of every unique customer.

For first time shoppers, our engine uses insights learned from crowd behavior to display trending products that are most likely to convert new shoppers. Once new visitors begin searching and viewing other products, our solution uses their real-time behavior to surface products that are more closely aligned with their immediate signals.

With new and returning shoppers able to more efficiently discover the products that are aligned to their immediate needs and preferences, customers were spending more time on site, viewing more product pages and converting at a higher rate.

Moreover, 4-Tell’s machine-learning system delivered infinite scalability. Because we use Azure Cloud Services, we had the flexibility to handle exponential data growth for their catalog and for times of heavy online traffic during the holiday season.


The Results

increase in AOV
more pages per visit
increase in conversion
more time on site
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