How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

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Merchants are facing a changing landscape of consumer demand that increasingly requires them to adopt new technology. Identifying technologies that will improve the customer experience and increase the bottom-line while enhancing legacy systems is no easy task. Regardless of what strategies you use to attract and retain customers, every business needs technology that lets them know their customer better.

1. Connecting Customer Data Across Channels

Do you have technology that collects customer data across all channels and provides an insightful central view for better customer engagement?

Customers no longer see a difference between shopping online, browsing in-store or scrolling through their social media feeds when interacting with a company. They expect companies to know their preferences, no matter where they are viewing products.  Every customer touchpoint is valuable to the customer experience. Considering this, it’s imperative to to collect customer data from online and offline touchpoints and transform it into useful information that can be used to fuel personalization on every channel.

2. Customer-Centric

Do you have unified customer and product data that powers your company to be customer-centric?

You can attempt to compete on price and survive on razor thin margins, but most likely you’ll miss the mark for what attracts customers. Shifting your company’s focus to the customer, rather than the product, offers a higher ROI without negotiating your margins. To make your company cohesively customer-centric, every department must know all about your customer. A clear and unified view of customer behavior enables each department to focus their efforts on improving the customer experience.

3. Personalization at Every Touchpoint

Do you offer personalization at every customer touchpoint?

In a digital world it’s more important than ever to make every customer encounter personal. When you know your customers – their pain points and their preferences – it will develop customer trust and a lasting relationship. Personalization saves customers the hassle of having to sift through products to find what they want. A frictionless shopping journey that’s supported by personalization is one of best offerings you can provide your customer.

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