Current State of Customer Experience

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While differentiators like price and product have traditionally been the key battlegrounds for winning sales, technology has put consumers in the driver’s seat and they’re demanding an exceptional experience in exchange for their business. In today’s digital landscape,  the customer experience is the difference between making a sale and gaining a loyal customer or losing revenue and repeat customers to a competitor who provided an enhanced experience tailored to the needs and wants of digital-savvy consumers.

Faced with this reality, retailers have been in a fierce race to provide the digital experience that consumers require. But so far, market research is telling us that retailers attempts have been marginal at best – customers expectations aren’t being met and they’re largely still unsatisfied with today’s customer experience.

How is a business supposed to know where their experience is missing the mark? We’ve created this infographic, based on our newest report: Current State of Customer Experience, to give you a snapshot into customers’ expectations for the customer experience and how retailers are performing.

Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

CX I Infographic

Did this help you identify areas where your business is not up to par? We encourage you to read the full report below! Current State of Customer Experience is Part I of a III series; keep your eye out for Part II coming in the next couple weeks!

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