Next Adventure Leverages 4-Tell Insights to Drive Merchandising Decisions and Conversion

The Challenge

Next Adventure, a sporting goods store that focuses on new and used gear and apparel for year-round outdoor activities, is committed to using their outdoor knowledge to deliver a personable customer experience with every purchase – both through their brick-and-mortar store locations and ecommerce site.

With a small but quickly growing back-office team, Ecommerce Manager David Pelgorsch was managing all aspects of the company’s digital presence including everything from the ecommerce website to merchandising and fulfillment.

However, Dave found himself spending an unproportionate amount of time managing the ecommerce store. Specifically, Dave was frustrated with the amount of time he had to spend manually configuring ecommerce recommendations and pouring over search terms just for continuously disappointing results. Dave knew there had to be a better way.

Next Adventure

“4-Tell has allowed us to discover common add-on products our customers are looking for that we would have easily overlooked. We’ve been able to use the data to put together product packages, allowing us to provide more value to our customers with products we already had.”

-Dave Pelgorsch,

Ecommerce manager

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The Opportunity & Solution

4-Tell’s machine-learning product recommendations and Inline Search, which are all executed automatically and in real-time, offered Dave an opportunity to consolidate vendors, save time in his day-to-day and drive more impactful results.

Moreover, through our Smart Commerce Platform, Dave could access our engine’s critical customer and product insights to make data-driven merchandising decisions. For example, Dave used our insights to create product bundling suggestions, allowing Next Adventure to capitalize on products they already had while driving more value for the customer.


The Results

more pages viewed per session
increase to overall AOV
longer average visit duration
higher conversion

What’s Next

Dave looks forward to using our Smart Commerce Platform, and the revenue-driving insights therein, to drive more activities online while also using our insights to make data-backed merchandising decisions in their brick-and-mortar.

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