Sophisticated Personalization Makes the Difference for Homage Customers

The Challenge

Homage, an apparel store that sells retro and vintage clothing, is committed to using their cultural-based apparel to connect and inspire customers – both through their brick-and-mortar store locations and ecommerce site.

Originally using a leading ecommerce platform plug-in to power their personalization, they soon became frustrated with the ‘black-box’ experience. Not only did the plug-in have no way to access or measure the impact of the recommendations, the plug-in personalized the experience by selecting products at random and offered no manual controls over the products which the engine displayed.

Disappointed with the return and determined to provide a better customer experience, Homage looked for a new personalization partner who could offer more intelligent, effective and impactful recommendations to their customers but that could still be easily implemented into their ecommerce store.

Sophisticated Personalization Makes the Difference for Homage Customers

“We’re very happy with the increased conversion rate, average order value and time spent on site by anyone that is interacting with 4-Tell on our site.”

-Ben Jones-White,

Website Manager

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The Opportunity & Solution

4-Tell offered Homage a transparent, sophisticated personalization solution that immediately impacted their bottom-line and was easily integrated into their current ecommerce technology stack.

Using a machine-learning algorithm to drive our product recommendations, our technology was able to sift through Homage’s catalog and display the products that are attune to the real-time behavior, history and preferences of every unique customer. With shoppers able to more efficiently discover the products that are aligned to their immediate needs and preferences, page views, time on site, conversion and AOV drastically increased.

In addition to being easily integrated into their ecommerce technology stack, 4-Tell also offered complete transparency. Not only could Homage measure the impact of our recommendations through our Google Analytics integration, but they had complete access to our Customer Success team. Together, our team continuously worked with Homage to implement best practices and find innovative solutions to drive more impactful personalization – and therefore results – on their ecommerce site


The Results

increase in page views
increase to AOV
increase in conversion

What’s Next

Homage looks forward to expanding our partnership. By infusing 4-Tell’s innovative personalization deeper into their online store, Homage feels confident they will provide an increasingly better customer experience that drives revenue and customer loyalty. 

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