GiftTree Delivers Personalized Gifting Moments through Sales Reps and Ecommerce

The Challenge

GiftTree, a leading gifting ecommerce business, delights in turning ordinary gifting moments into extraordinary ones. With dedicated sales representatives that service key customers, their team relied on a homegrown legacy database to educate themselves on customer’s purchase history. However, the sales reps lacked visibility into customers real-time online behavior and
ecommerce purchase history, making it difficult to efficiently help them along their journey.

Prior to 4-Tell, GiftTree was also utilizing a manual, in-house recommendation solution to personalize the online experience. Since this relied on their teams to manually curate recommendations, it required GiftTree to invest a significant amount of time without producing better results.


“In our business, you can’t create demand, you can only capture it. With 4-Tell, we can better understand our customer, their intent, and signals to serve them great gift ideas.”

-Martin McClanan,

President & CEO

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The Opportunity & Solution

4-Tell’s recommendations and Smart Commerce Platform offered an all-in-one solution for their website and sales teams. The first phase of building an enterprise personalization strategy included site recommendations, search and email. We also built recommendations into the top of paid search landing pages, in order to decrease bounce rate and increase quality score from Google.
Our automated recommendations not only freed up time in their day, but it also rendered significantly better results than their in-house recommendations solution. As we work with them to implement our recommendations in new ways, we have continued to influence revenue, conversion and purchases while growing repeat customers.

The second phase of the personalization strategy included enabling their sales teams with our Smart Commerce Platform and integrating 4-Tell’s Your Store into their ecommerce site.

Through our Smart Commerce Platform, sales reps could surface 360 customer profiles to view real-time online behavior, purchase history, and access predictive recommendations for specific customers. Moreover, with app notifications and follow features, sales reps could be notified of specific customer behavior to drive
proactive personalization.

For notifications like, ‘customers who viewed but didn’t buy’ that required valuable suggestions to nudge customers to purchase, sales reps could use our insights to manually curate product boards that could then be published to the ecommerce website.

Ultimately, this product board was made visible to customers through Your Store – a microsite that’s dedicated to the preferences, real-time behavior and history of each customer.
Accessible through Gift Tree’s ecommerce website, customers could view personal recommendations, wishlisted items, purchase history, content, search and suggestions from trusted sales rep all on one page and all customized to their unique behavior.

Within the first two weeks of Your Store going live on GiftTree’s website, conversion for shoppers who interacted with Your Store had increased by 33%.

The Results

higher conversion on site search
more product page views
higher conversion rate

What’s Next

GiftTree looks forward to extending the implementation of the Smart Commerce Platform into more teams within their business. By using data to drive interactions and decisions across the organization, GiftTree aspires to serve today’s customers and buyers in the most efficient, personalized and enjoyable way possible. 

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