2Modern Engages New Customers with Immersive Personalization

The Challenge

2Modern – a leading retailer of modern furniture, lighting and home accessories – is committed to a unique, compelling and personalized shopping experience for their customers and trade partners.

Initially coming to 4-Tell in 2015, 2Modern didn’t have a recommendation solution in place. Operating in a competitive space that is accustomed to low conversion rates due to the high cost of furniture, their vast catalog made it difficult for shoppers to find the items that were aligned with their preferences and needs.

This problem was especially prominent for 2Modern’s first time customers. Making up the largest percentage of their website visitors, it was critical that, from the moment they landed on their homepage, they showed relevant products that were likely to keep them engaged and onsite – even without any brand history.


“4-Tell helps us keep our focus on the customer by improving their experience through intuitive recommendations and searches. Putting the right product in front of the right customer.”

-Bay Britta,

Director of Marketing

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The Opportunity & Solution

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform offers 2Modern an enterprise, personalization solution that uses machine-learning and real-time behavior to introduce the right product to every unique shopper while also giving them the opportunity to learn more about their customers through revenue-driving insights – ultimately, increasing product discovery, conversion, and sales.

Using a machine-learning algorithm to drive our product recommendations, 4-Tell’s technology sifts through 2Modern’s catalog to display the products that are attune to the real-time behavior, history and preferences of every unique customer.

For first time shoppers, our engine uses insights learned from crowd behavior to display trending products that are most likely to convert new shoppers. Once new visitors begin searching and viewing other products, our solution uses their real-time behavior to surface products that are more closely aligned with their immediate signals.

With new and returning shoppers able to more efficiently discover the products that are aligned to their immediate needs and preferences, customers were spending more time on site, viewing more product pages and converting at a higher rate.


The Results

more time on site
higher conversion rate
product page views

What’s Next

2Modern has a committed team of professional sales agents working with high value trade and professional partners. Our platform is partnering with Salesforce.com to ensure a complete understanding of 2Modern’s customer preferences – ultimately, we aim to achieve a modern form of digital engagement. 

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