Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

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Most business leaders will confidently proclaim that “everyone” owns the customer experience. The ‘everyone’ that executives are often referring to, however, is the ensemble of distinct departments that touch the customer journey. Typically, each of these departments – from sales, to service, to marketing, to product – have their own structure, KPIs, budgets and goals to convert customers and push them to the next stage of their journey.

However, approaching the customer experience in this myopic and territorial way doesn’t provide the fluid, holistic experiences that consumers demand. To provide consistent experiences externally, businesses must mirror that consistency internally: Customers must be the central focus of all business’ goals.

So, what steps does an organization need to take to truly put customers at the heart of their operations?  We’ve created this infographic, based on our newest report: Bridging the Customer Experience Gap, to help you diagnose – and treat – areas of internal disconnect that may be present in your organization.

Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts!


CX 2 Infographic


Did this get you thinking about your business’ organization structure, and the silos that need to be broken down? We encourage you to read the full report below! Bridging the Customer Experience Gap is Part II of a III series; keep your eye out for Part III coming soon!

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