5 Customer Experience Trends Revolutionizing Digital Commerce

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There are many different facets of customer experience and every business has their own take. What works for one business may not work for another. No matter how you approach it, it’s more important than ever to integrate a little of that customer experience magic into your business strategy.

1. Who Wore It Best

Most retail businesses are scrambling to provide customer experiences that work for their consumers. But it’s the unlikely sectors of Hardware, home improvement and sporting goods that are winning the CX race. The aforementioned industries are embracing innovative technologies like AR and offering ways for consumers to test products in-store to provide an engaging experience.

2. No Online Store For You

Starbucks has always prided itself on it’s in-store experience. Over the last fifty years, they have created a loyal following by offering a consistent taste to their espresso, playing a never ending stream of muzak (or rather Michael Buble), and displaying an array of seasonable mugs. Recently, Starbucks decided to get back to it’s roots by closing their online store and putting their focus solely on the in-store experience.

3. Hollywood Local

Nordstrom is keeping its doors open by testing a multitude of strategies to meet shifting consumer demand. From off-price to subscription services, their latest venture taps into the heart of customer experience. Recently, Nordstrom opened a store in West Hollywood called the Nordstrom Local. The Local, as I’m sure the West Hollywoodians refer to it, offers manicures, alcoholic beverages and even a stylist to consult. That’s my kind of shopping experience.

4. Literally an Experience

Sometimes customer experience efforts can be subtle and rooted in good ol’ fashioned customer service. Unilever, however, took customer experience very literally by opening a St.Ives pop-up, which allowed consumers to experience the making of their own facial scrubs and body lotions. One question remains, does it cost less when you provide the manual labor?

5. AI Powered Associates

Not all customer experiences need to be flashy to garner customer loyalty. Effective improvement of the customer experience can be as simple as empowering in-store associates by equipping them with e technology that powers personalized interactions and reduces buyer journey friction. Fifty-three percent surveyed worldwide reported that doing just that was their top tactic to improve the in-store experience.

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