4-Tell Announces Major Enhancements To Boost® Recommendations Engine

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Advanced Features Help Online Retailers Drive Sales, Profitability

Portland, OR, November 5, 2012 – 4-Tell today announced the release of a broad range of enhancements to its Boost® Recommendations Engine. With nine new features, it offers online retailers an entirely new level of flexibility and control in using dynamically personalized product recommendations to convert browsers into buyers.

“We are continually developing new tools and products to help retailers of all sizes optimize their online stores,” says Neil Lofgren, VP of Engineering. “Adding these new features helps increase conversion while providing a more engaging shopping experience at a compelling price point.”

The nine new features announced by 4-Tell include: 

  • Filters: Facilitates the ability to set up product groups with business rules that filter viewing of recommendations by brand, category, or gender. For example, if a shopper is looking at products for Women, Men’s products can be blocked from appearing in recommendations. In addition, for retailers that sell parts, items are only recommended when they fit the viewed product. Fully automated, filters will be updated when a product is added, deleted or out of stock from the product catalog. 
  • Recently Viewed: Allows real-time viewing of a shopper’s current session on a site. Boost® automatically customizes product recommendations with every click a customer makes while browsing, delivering a truly personalized shopping experience. 
  • Category Top Sellers: Enables retailers to present top sellers within each product category and then refines recommendations as shoppers go deeper within specific sub-categories. 
  • Carousel Display: Instead of presenting a small number of static products, this offers shoppers the option of scrolling through a range of product recommendations. Thus, the shopper can see more recommendations while keeping a clean design. 
  • Featured Products: Designed to give retailers a new level of control in fine-tuning their recommendations, this allows specific products to be offered alongside automated recommendations for both cross- and up-sell, or products to be blocked in recommendations. 
  • Promotions: Allows retailers to select specific products to be prioritized for special promotions. Promoted recommendations will only be shown when it is relevant to a shopper’s unique browsing behavior, but these products will be shown more frequently. 
  • Clickstream Data: Enhances understanding of shopper’s behavior and improves recommendations. 
  • Google Analytics Tracking: Boost automatically creates event tracking in Google Analytics when a shopper clicks on recommendations. This allows retailers to segment all Google Analytics’ reports based upon visits, visits that clicked on recommendations and visits that did not click on recommendations. 
  • Improved Genomic Recommendations: Improves the ability to provide valid and relevant cross-sell and up-sell recommendations for new products, or new stores.

4-Tell’s next generation technology offers flat-fee pricing, easy integration across all ecommerce platforms, and same day recommendations that dynamically begin personalizing product offerings with each click a shopper makes. 


4-Tell is an ecommerce software company that increases sales for retailers with personalized cross-sell and up-sell. 4-Tell’s product recommendations provide a more engaging shopping experience. Its Boost® Recommendations Engine delivers the next generation technology for true cross-channel personalization, working seamlessly across web, e-mail, mobile and in-store to automatically recommending products that online shoppers are likely to buy.

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