4-Tell Increases Conversion 4x for Sgt Grit with 4-Tell Boost® Recommendation Engine

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4-Tell Helps Increase Conversions using Cross Channel Personalization

4-Tell, Inc., provider of automated personalized product recommendation software for ecommerce companies, announced Sgt Grit Marine Specialties has replaced their manual recommendation system with  4-Tell’s automated product recommendation service for their Magento Enterprise ecommerce platform.

Sgt Grit needed a flexible, customizable and affordable ecommerce system because their old system took an army of consultants and six months to implement changes. Magento Enterprise was selected and was soon deployed, enabling Sgt Grit’s own IT staff to easily modify Magento to meet their business needs.

4-Tell Boost Recommendation Engine had been running on their old ecommerce system. Because 4-Tell and Magento are partners, it was a breeze to integrate Boost into their new Magento store. The real challenge was the sales data. There are three sides to Sgt Grit’s business, the ecommerce Magento store, the showroom and the call center. It was critical to have a recommendation system that could use sales information from all sources. 4-Tell easily used the combined sales data, enabling Sgt Grit to provide truly personalized product recommendations and realize a four times  improvement in conversion for recommended products.

Ken Levy, co-founder and CEO of 4-Tell, “Experts have long said it is impossible and now cross channel personalization is no longer a dream, but a reality. This is now possible for any retailer and because the recommendations work even for anonymous shoppers, 4-Tell automatically improves the experience for all customers.”

4-Tell will be exhibiting as a Silver Sponsor at Magento’s Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference April 23-25, 2012 in Las Vegas.

About 4-Tell, Inc.

4-Tell provides an intelligent SaaS personalized product recommendation solution, which works for websites, email, social media and mobile commerce. 4-Tell Boost® Recommendation Engine increases conversion by automatically recommending products online shoppers are likely to buy. 4-Tell has broken away from the rest of the pack by designing the Boost to work for all products, can be setup in less than an hour and is affordable. For more information about 4-Tell, visit http://www.4-tell.com.

To read the full Sgt Grit success story with 4-Tell Boost Recommendation Engine: http://www.4-tell.com/case-studies/


Wendi Makuch, Director of Marketing

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